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Story of Made Wanderful

Made Wanderful – An idea conceived to spread more light around.

Made Wanderful is a product brand & boutique design studio fully created in Singapore. We love to be inspired and learn from the gentle waves that life brings, as well as share wellness tips.

Through our paper goods and more products to come, Made Wanderful has a grand intention to share wisdom, peace, faith, strength, and courage.

Follow your dreams they know the way | Art print • Made Wanderful

As its very first product, the paper goods on Made Wanderful are designed to bring a little light & joy to your surrounding space, through light-hearted illustrations, art and words.

How Made Wanderful started

Fully the work of one Creative behind the whole brand, Kristine Li is a Design Entrepreneur, previous Art Director with more than 10 years of art & design experience in Singapore. Kristine is also a Travel Blogger, and also a yoga practitioner.

After overhauling her work studio and sleeping environment, Kristine noted how the new light distinctly improved her surrounding vibes which she spend so much time in. As a small but necessary step, she created a series of designs and art to share the positive energy, and launched Made Wanderful. In a way, Made Wanderful is therapy to her as much as she hopes it will be therapy to others. 

Breathe Art Print | mindfulness poster • Made Wanderful