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Artist to Love: Elena Kalis & Her Art of Underwater Photography

Elena Kalis, born in Russia and currently based in The Bahamas, is an underwater photographer that produces the most incredible images.

One of Elena Kalis’ masterpieces was the Alice in Waterland series, featuring her model and daughter, Sacha Kalis. Elena Kalis’ creativity and underwater photography skills kept on achieving new heights, setting new benchmarks all the time.

Petito ElenaKalis Alice06Petito ElenaKalis Alice02Petito ElenaKalis AliceTwin-01 Petito ElenaKalis AliceTwin-02 Petito ElenaKalis AliceTwin-03 Petito ElenaKalis AliceTwin-04Petito ElenaKalis Alice07

Through her love of the ocean, Elena Kalis shows us a whole new dimension of underwater photography.

Petito ElenaKalis Insta04Petito ElenaKalis Insta06Petito ElenaKalis Insta11 Petito ElenaKalis Twin-06Petito ElenaKalis MyFairLadies01Petito ElenaKalis Insta05Petito ElenaKalis Dreamland01Petito ElenaKalis MyFairLadies03Petito ElenaKalis Twin-12Petito ElenaKalis Twin-08Petito ElenaKalis MyFairLadies06Petito ElenaKalis OceanSong01Petito ElenaKalis OceanSong04Petito ElenaKalis SnowWhitePetito ElenaKalis Insta07Petito ElenaKalis Neverland01

Just when you thought it cannot get any more perfect, Elena Kalis surprises yet again, introducing creatures of the sea alongside her models.
And the manatee series.




Image credits: Elena Kalis & her Instagram@elenakalis
Elena Kalis’ Facebook Page | Sacha Kalis@Instagram

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