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Headspace – A Cleverly-Designed Meditation App!

There’re many things about Headspace design-wise that I really, really love. Its logo, branding, how Headspace makes a challenging topic (meditation) into something really light and fun, yet enriches via its character design, awesome animation, language, color palettes and more. I think it has done a really great job.

What is Headspace?

Headspace is an award-winning digital health platform, providing guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. With hundreds of hours of content, it is acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive secular programs for meditation and mindfulness (credits). Andy Puddicombe, Headspace’s co-founder, is a meditation and mindfulness expert, having lived as a monk for ten years. Andy came back to urban life, completed a degree in Circus Arts in London, Headspace was born in 2010, and I believe his degree had a good influence on the design styles implemented by Headspace.

Headspace was created “to teach the world to meditate, so that everyone can live a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life.”

The logo

Headspace meditation app • Made Wanderful

The circle – indicative of the head, or the mind, with positive connotations of full-circle, completeness and harmony. Headspace also has a tagline: “Treat your head right”.

Web Design

A very welcoming interface, friendly typefaces used, a good use of white space which makes it a very clean layout, with a simple and intuitive navigation.  The website is mobile-responsive too.

Headspace meditation app • Made Wanderful

Illustration styles and color palettes

Who says meditation must be all about words and deep theories? Headspace simplified everything for easy understanding. Illustrations were used to explain and relate theories. Headspace also uses a color palette that is distinctive of flat designs, resulting in delightful illustrations that are colorful yet not overpowering.

Headspace meditation app • Made Wanderful


“Headspace is gym membership for the mind.” I love the creativity of Headspace’s language!

Headspace meditation app • Made Wanderful

Video Animations

Headspace utilizes great cartoon animations to portray processes and stories. They are slowly introduced throughout the course, which makes you look forward to proceed to the next stage.

Expectation from Headspace on Vimeo.


Email Design

Inheriting Headspace’s design style, the email designs are friendly and effective at the same time. Here is a sample:
Headspace meditation app • Made Wanderful

Headspace is also a mobile app providing guided meditation sessions, providing ten sessions of 10-minute sessions for free. Again, the app was also designed to be used with ease. I’ve experimented by letting kids under ten years old try the app, and they were happily trying out sessions. There are more once you subscribe for a month or more, with topics like Health, Relationships, and even SOS sessions for meltdown moments.

Headspace meditation app • Made Wanderful

Design done well has far-reaching effects beyond aesthetic pleasure. Design is How It Works.


  1. Hi Kristine, I agree with you. It’s a beautifully and ergonomically designed website and App.

    Do you know who did the design?

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