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Handmade Pouch: Night Sky Rabbit • 古风手工香囊: 祥云月兔 // Sold Out


Very cute sachet pouch, the perfect pouch for putting the herbal sachet from the TCM Herbal Scent Sachet. Put this into your pocket, and let the tassel strings drape from your pocket– very classy, and shows a lot of character!

How to use:

  1. Use this pouch instead of the burlap pouch from our TCM Herbal Scent Sachet, or
  2. Put in your preferred dried flowers (example: lavender) or herbs, and use it as a fragrance pouch.

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Material: Polyester cotton.

Pouch measurements: 9cm wide x 9cm (Please allow 0.5-1cm of size differences)

Note: This product is an empty pouch with no contents inside.

Additional information

Dimensions9.5 × 9.5 cm