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Aromatic, Immunity-Boosting, Mosquito-Repelling, TCM Herbal Scent Sachet 中药防疫香囊


Filled with 10 traditional Chinese medicinal (TCM), 100% natural plant-based aromatic herbs (ground into fine pieces) – including Clove (丁香), Chinese licorice (甘草), Atractylodes Lancea (苍术), Eupatorium fortune (佩兰) and more. Selected herbs are mostly aromatherapy-based (以”香”为主). Herbs were sourced ethically and had never been treated with chemicals nor toxic materials.

Intended Benefits:

  • Provide an additional form of protection against negative energy
  • Boost immunity
  • Repel mosquitoes

How to use:

  • Keep this TCM Scent sachet close to the body (eg. pocket)
  • Place it on your desk
  • Hang one in the car
  • Put it next to your pillow when you sleep

Suitable for kids going back to school, adults heading back to the office or outdoors, elderly people, etc. Scent sachet’s effectiveness is advised to be 4 weeks since exposure to air.

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How it works:

  • When the herbal air molecules enter the wearer’s nasal passage, it invigorates the nasal membrane to form a protective environment within. This environment deters toxic or negative ions from penetrating the system.
  • The medicinal herbal scent also boosts the immune system, just like aromatherapy. In TCM, herbs are often used as medicine in the form of scent/fragrance (药气/香气).
  • This TCM Scent Sachet has additional benefits of being a mosquito repellent.
  • Meant to be used as an additional form of protection against negative energy.

Precautionary Advice:

  1. This scent sachet is only meant for external usage. Do not ingest in any way.
  2. Avoid humidity. Every once a week, you may put this sachet out in the sun for 15min.
  3. Not recommended for pregnant ladies.
  4. Stop usage if any discomfort occurs.
  5. Replace with a new one after 4 weeks.
  6. After using for 4 weeks, you may take the inner sealed sachet, boil in water, (let it cool), and rinse it over your body as the last cleansing step in your shower.
This TCM scent sachet was professionally produced at an established TCM clinic in Singapore.
Size of sachet: 7 x 9cm (width x height)

Related TCM history & knowledge

  • In TCM, herbs are often used as medicine in the form of scent/fragrance (药气/香气). This is similar to aromatherapy.
  • In TCM theory, the lung system connects all Meridien Channels. The gateway to the respiratory system and lungs is inhalation via the nose. Hence, it’s very important to guard the gate. (“肺朝百脉,司呼吸”,“肺开窍于鼻”。”香囊既可振奋人体正气达到’正气存内,邪不可干’的功效,同时又能净化空气,避其毒气,在鼻黏膜形成不利于疫毒传入的小环境。” (source))
  • “香囊是一种中药外治法,中医称之为《香佩疗法》,其散发出来的中药香通过人们的鼻窍呼吸入肺、入脑、入心,由表入里,具有芳香通窍、疏肝宁神、驱蚊虫防流感效果。”
  • China has a history of at least 3,000 years, experiencing 300+ natural epidemics before. Its people continued to survive, learn, and grow from the disasters. Keeping a TCM scent sachet close by is one preventive approach that the Chinese have always used during epidemics.
  • Herbal scent sachets were used as heart-felt gifts to loved ones or respected peers in ancient China 💕
  • The formula for this herbal scent sachet dates back at least 1,500 years.

[ Please Only Buy What You Need. ]

These herbs are precious resources produced by Mother Nature and cannot be reproduced using machines. Made Wanderful has always believed in sustainability and mindful buying. Purchase only if you are going to use this product. Please do not purchase if you are skeptical about the herbs or effects.

More info & resources:  Herbal scent bags can keep you healthy (People’s Daily online, China’s largest newspaper)中医里的“衣冠疗法 (Baidu Baike) •  TCM scent sachet’s functions香囊: 特别的爱给特别的