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How Having Too Zen A Mind Actually Backfired on Me

2016 has been a pretty zen year for me. I did branding and design projects with brands that I really like and respect, including Young Living Singapore and TheJellyHearts, all of which helped me to grow as a Creative. Work was considered very smooth-sailing. I kept my time limited to a few clients and bless their hearts, all of them turned out to be very respectful clients that I enjoyed working with so much. Such good fortune enjoyed in a year,

Thank you so much!

2016, following up from 2015, was also the year that I listened more attentively to my zen master’s teachings. His teachings became a huge part of my personality.

I learned to look out for the other side of the story, to think from the other party’s perspective, to find peace wherever I may be, to see the silver lining in every dark cloud, to give thanks for both blessings and misfortunes, because all of the experiences teach me something.

However, I hate to say this, although 2016 has been very peaceful, it was also… rather lifeless. I hardly felt annoyed by clients’ whims and silly requests because there were practically none of those happening. Unbelievable I know, but if there had been any grievances I felt, it went away really fast because you know.. I Could Become All Zen About It. Mindfulness taught me to not be affected too much for too long.

How being too zen actually backfired

On the other hand, ironically, I lost inspiration to write posts sharing about Best Practices, Design Processes, or posts like “50 Hard Lessons I Learned from Being A Self-Employed Designer“, “What the Designer Is Really Thinking When You ____“, etc. That was how much being calm had become an integral part of me. It becomes contradictory because all along, I’ve always felt that sharing knowledge and educating clients on why designers do things the way they did, are the very solutions to bridge the gap between Designers and Clients. It was the main reason why this blog exists.

Come 2017, I hope to still keep the stay-calm part, but will also reignite that Annoyed Designer role in me. I have all these article ideas which have taken residence for too long in the To-Write-One-Day list. SO! I definitely hope to overcome the obstacles that WordPress presents because formatting really drives me nuts all the time (Dear WordPress, when can we have a WYSIWYG interface, like Medium’s?)  I hope to continue sharing perspectives and lessons, and keep to my WHY.

Have a happy new 2017, everyone.

With light,


  1. I can totally relate to this! When I first began my meditation practice, I thought that meant I had to change everything about me, including my energy and what I cared about. It honestly felt like I was on a natural sedative 24/7! Which did wonders for my anxiety but at my core, I’m an energetic person who likes to be productive. So I definitely had to learn to balance it out. Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

    1. Lol, yes! The natural sedative was pretty scary ya! Now it’s 2018 and I’m on the opposite side of this again. Balance is key, ohmmm.

      Thank you Bree for sharing what you went through too!

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